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how to write a cover letterUnderstanding How to write a cover letter

A cover letter should be planned, focused and directly related to the position  you are applying for.

To give you a bit of an understanding of the purppose of a cover letter, firstly you must understand how it is used and why. So you need to know that a cover letter is used to analyse or market yourself for the role you are applying for and may be the only reason the hiring manager even opens your resume.

Recruitment and PR will have many applications to go through and your Cover letter is the first thing they will see. If written effectively then they will read your resume. So you can see why knowing how to write a cover letter can make or break your application.

How to write a cover letter

Your cover letter should demonstrate that you have read and fully understand the position, further more that you are not only interested but determined to get the position. This is your opportunity to really grab the hiring managers attention and draw them into your resume.

Your cover letter should be succinct or straight to the point but not blunt, say what you are trying to say and then go back and see what you can remove by replacing long sentences with action words some smart verbs.

A cover letter should not be more than three to four well thought out paragraphs, if written correctly the hiring manager will identify that you know how to write a cover letter and this will place you in a better light.

Try to be positive, if you find that you have written something that’s a bit doom and gloom try to change the angle to a more positive tone. For example

(how not to write a cover letter)“I finished my masters degree in XYZ then fell pregnant and haven’t had the chance to work in the field and I really need this job”.

This example is a bit over the top but you get the point, you can change the tone by simply changing perspective see below.

(How to write a cover letter)“I mastered in XYZ then me and my partner decided we would like children, as my daughter XYZ has now started school I am excited to be able to offer my valuable knowledge to your company and look forward to establishing myself in the industry” etc.

here’s your next tip for how to write a cover letter, your covering letter should NOT be a repeat of your resume! make some statements that will draw the hiring manager into your resume and then reinforce those statements within the resume. And please do not use a standard cover letter for all of your applications, if you haven’t picked that up already then you will never know how to write a cover letter effectively.

Here’s an example for you of how to write a cover letter:

Dear Ms XYZ,

I am writing in response to your advertisement seeking a Administrative Officer for AQIS.

As you will see from my accompanying Resume, my experience and skills are a good match for the position as indicated by your office.

Of particular relevance is my 6 years experience working in a closely related role and several awards I have been rewarded with.

I’m aware of the high value AQIS places on service and believe I share the same philosophy on customer care.

I look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I could contribute to your team.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Citizen

Hope this article has given you a better understanding of how to write a cover letter, if you feel that you still need more info there is a information product that is available for less than $50 that just might make the difference. I think they are still offering a few Cover letter templates as well.

So if your still not sure how to write a cover letter I recommend: you check it out here at Amazing Cover letters.

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